• Innovative and immersive 

    Immersive communication
    and maximum effectiveness

    3D AR catalogs offer the possibility to communicate at 360°. It is possible to overlay new types of information in real time, such as: 3D elements, videos, animations, infographics, etc.

    With AR technology, links are created between the digital environment and the world of offline communication, promoting cross-media and offering the final consumer an engaging experience.

    The innovative 3D AR catalogs are always handy, with product information available both online and offline. They can be printed to be presented to potential customers during fairs or on different occasions, or downloaded from the site to be viewed anywhere in the world.

  • Immediacy
    Easy to update, 3D AR catalogs are versatile tools that adapt to the needs of a constantly changing market.

    The new communication tools improve the brand perception and help companies differentiate themselves from the competition.

    Augmented reality, a sector close to gaming, offers the possibility of learning the information about a product in a stimulating way, favouring the understanding of complex or abstract concepts.

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