• Virtual Space & AR Catalogue

    White Experience Museum is a futuristic virtual space for all innovation and technology enthusiasts, but also for those who love gaming, art and design.
    The app presents countless ideas for innovative projects. Professionals from various sectors, teachers and students, through the pleasure of gaming, can immerse themselves in the spaces full of incentives and find inspiration, connect their interests to new techonologies.
    The WE Museum app offers the opportunity to virtually explore settings inspired by different sectors: industry, robotics, fashion, wellness, architecture, interior design, art and astronomy.
    Clean geometries form minimalist settings with unique scenarios and unexpected animations.
    The app offers a journey through suggestive digital installations and the experimentation of Augmented Reality.
    The catalog can be downloaded through the app. It offers the visitor the opportunity to explore in augmented reality not only the museum but many other AR experiences. Hyper realistic animated models offer a demonstration of the increasing presence of AR technology in every field. The WE Museum app will also be a pleasure for travel enthusiasts and all those who are looking for new emotions.