Technology Volunteering

White Experience is a dynamic reality, with a small core of highly verticalized, skilled professional figures.
We are committed to implementing projects for non-profit organizations through corporate volunteering during working hours.
We carry out our solidarity initiatives using new technologies augmented reality and virtual reality.
We believe in the power of “technological” volunteering because it raises awareness in a stimulating, engaging and educational way.


  • AR VR Projects Customized for Nonprofit Organizations

    We presented a new project in favor of non-profit organizations at the Bold Awards.
    SolidAR smile is an application that offers Associations and Non-Profit Bodies the possibility to create communication projects based on AR technology.
    SolidAR smile allows you to create immersive content, share it and live engaging experiences.
    We carry out our solidarity initiatives by creating multimedia content.
    With us, Art, Technology and Innovation come together in order to support socially disadvantaged categories, to include people with disabilities, to inform and educate about sustainability and the environment.

AR VR customized project for Alex Tache Foundation

We present an AR VR project created for the Alex Tache Romania Foundation.
The Foundation is using fundraisers to finance the construction of a new home for 12 abandoned children. NEST house
This project was supported by professionals in Communication, Marketing, Architecture and Design. At the heart of the whole project is Alex Tache. Alex has been fighting cancer for 15 years and now his aim is to offer a welcoming place to those in need.
Download here the markers we created for the project, and increase the target images with the SolidAR smile application from the app store or play store.
Check out the VR video we created for the Alex Tache association here.

Tell us about your project.
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