• 3D Modeling
    for Innovative Services

    3d Photorealistic Rendering, Ar Models
    It is possible to start from cad projects and create photorealistic 3D models and renderings. We can also generate the AR model of a finished product, a space or create more complex projects. During presentations, tenders, fairs, meetings it is always possible to stand out from competitors, through 3D or Augmented Reality presentations, full of stimules.

    Animations, 3D Videos or VR / 360 ° Videos
    With the developed 3D model you can create Animations, 3D Videos or VR / 360 ° videos. These formats allow the immersion in virtual spaces, realistic or imaginary, and a detailed exploration, they allow the customer to stop on the details that arouse the most interest. Corporate videos, product launches or new services, presentations, marketing actions. In all the occasions immersive videos represent the most effective method to get the attention of the public.

  • AR Web and AR Social Experiences
    The AR Experiences that we can create starting from a 3D model are a form of experiential marketing. They not only offer customers detailed information about a product, but also an entire engaging experience. We can upload these experiences on the website, on social networks or we can create an Augmented Reality business app.

    The stimulating scenes, the captivating stories, the soundtrack and the attention to details. The advergaming is increasingly preferred because it offers the possibility to convey the values ​​of a brand and at the same time it gives unforgettable emotions.

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