Research and Experimentation

White Experience is a multidisciplinary creative studio strongly oriented toward the creation of innovative tools for digital communication. We have different and complementary skills and specializations. We love challenges and reaching higher goals.
Programming, gaming, art, graphic design, 2D and 3D design, web design, are the fields in which we develop our projects.

  • Vision

    We combine creativity with the experimentation of emerging technologies, to improve business performance by making them increasingly competitive.

  • Mission

    We offer our customers AR/VR solutions with high sensory stimulation. We concentrate on all the factors that contribute to the positioning of the brand towards its target, in a single immersive experience. Our mission is to simplify workflows, communicate and promote services or products, through unique experiences. We make the shopping experience stimulating.

  • Values

    We focus our attention on the needs of the customers, by always offering personalized answers. Our projects are constantly implemented with new technologies from the world of communication.

Why choose White Experience

We have the tools and know-how to create immersive communication.

Our strengths are the ability to imagine and create solutions never experienced before, in order to give life to revolutionary and unforgettable products and services.

White Experience is a team of creatives: IT engineers, technicians, designers.
Creating is our job.

Always immersed in study, our learning method is based on divergent thinking, which stimulates reflection and allows us to be problem solvers in every situation.


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